Le panier

Our Story

Hi All, we would like to introduce our selves, in our belief to never settle with inferior products. 

Through that passion, we decided to get involved but in a different approach. We decided that the first part of our business had to be about Appearance

So, we set out in our search for what would excels us from other brands, after searching extensively we bring you Auto Finesse, a brand we are proud to represent, give our loyalty and trust and last and not least to bring to our beloved CANADA

We take pride in our work and always try to improve upon it. That said, we welcome you to the first phase of our business. We believe that we can only grow with the support and help of our customers, for that we set daily challenges for ourselves to remain competitive & most importantly professional in our approach and consistent with our service. 

I now introduce you to Detailing Stuff Canada, quality detailing products to the Canadian Market. .