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In-House Programs

We currently have these two programs, you can decide which one fits you the most.

  • AF Gold Program*:

This program is designed for individual/Mobile Detailers that have a humble requirement and enjoy our Auto Finesse products. We provide them with a 20% for up to $2,500CDN in purchases & up to a maximum of 25% once you exceed the $2,500CDN in purchases on our products excluding hard waxes. Hard waxes will be at 10% discounted rate only.


  • AF Titanium Program*:

This program is designed for Medium to Big detailing shops/dealerships that have higher requirements and enjoy Auto Finesse products. We provide them with a range. When purchasing our products up to the range of $5,000CDN you will receive a 25% discount on all our products, up to the $10,000CDN you will receive 30% discount on all our products when exceeding the $10,000 mark

  1. Titanium Program Clients are to maintain an expenditure of $2,000 yearly with a minimum first order of $800
  2. Titanium Program Clients are requested to maintain a minimum order of $400 per order
  3. Titanium Program Clients not maintaining the minimum expenditure we will regret to down grade your membership to a lower tier
  4. Titanium Program Clients using social media are requested to Advertise our products that they purchase to avail more benefits at the discretion of management



We hope you like our programs and offerings. Once you opt on which program you would like to be considered for, we can then provide you with the next steps moving forward. As promised, we always strive to bring you what we think are the best tools to the business and we will continue to further develop and modify our offerings as we move forward with our research.


Auto Finesse Canada 

*management has the right to amend, modify or cancel any of the in-house programs without prior notification and when as deemed necessary.